About Us

meet the man behind the curtain

After observing the life of live entertainment in a market right for a change, a Tampa Native decided to do something about it. He created the stage name of Too Smooth while attending Florida Memorial College, majoring in Business Management, and made inroads to opening a channel for entertainment in the Bay area. Popular and humble promoter who has been responsible for bringing concerts, gospel stage plays and comedy shows to the bay area “Too Smooth” states that Tampa has been described as one of America’s greatest cities, while it may have been on the up and coming list of places to be, it was sorely missing some entertainment. Born the 11th child of Mildred Roundtree with a total of 11 siblings, (10 brothers, 1 Sister), Too Smooth credits his success to his grandmother Eunice Golden born in 1899, who was unable to read and write, but she taught him entrepreneurship at an early age. Over the years Too Smooth bought all of his skills and talents under one umbrella. Those qualities have been honed in the areas of marketing, promotion, advertising and negotiating coupled with his honesty, integrity, dedication, determination and faith. The enterprising promoter decided to use comedy as his vein because comedy is a resolution for stress relief and laughter is an inexpensive way of healing the mind body and soul. Being the father of two beautiful young ladies Too Smooth was looking for a venue that was both family oriented and wholesome to set forth a foundation for the future.